Employee Performance

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When used as a basis for decision making, employee performance assessments can be extremely useful - indeed indispensable tools. But if these are to be reliable, they must be accurate, unbiased, otherwise fair and constructively capture the key parameters of employee performance. Ideally, the measures of employee performance should be known to the employee as core defining job expectations, against which the employee can not only measure actual performance, but also motivate it.

The considerations that the concept of employee performance encompasses will vary from job to job and often, if not usually include very job-specific parameters, e.g., ratio of calls to sales or a surgeon's operating room mortality rates per angioplasty.

In focusing on employee performance for the purposes of cost analysis, promotion, salary increases, dismissal, retention, etc., the measures of employee performance adopted should ideally be transparent to the employee, with performance expectations and standards made clear to the employee from the outset, in the interest of fairness and clarity.

Employee performance is a key factor that contributes directly to the performance of the company. Companies today, with increased competition in the business arena, are keen to boost employee performance in order to enhance their profitability, market reach and brand recognition.

Thus, HR managers and quality managers have put special emphasis on techniques to gauge employee performance and periodically conduct review sessions in order to monitor it. The better the overall performance review is, the more valuable the employee is for the company.

Usually employee performance in any occupation is gauged by various parameters that can be highly specific for simple as well as highly complex jobs, often correlating with the complexity of the job description, job manual and/or employment contract. Described as generically as possible, these parameters will include revenue generation (when this is measurable for the employee), customer/client satisfaction, costly or otherwise damaging incidents, work rate, error rates, other measures of productivity, dependability and initiative, attitudes and teamwork.

There are various HR consultation agencies that offer an apt evaluation on employee performance and many companies outsource their employee performance evaluation need to them.

Usually employee performance measurement is not an easy task and companies need to plan it well in order to execute it well. If a company wants to assess the performance levels of all the employees in an organization, the owner needs proper planning with a performance administrator. Based on that discussion certain standards need to be set and continuous evaluation of the employee on various aspects needs to be done.

However, simply doing employee performance evaluation is not enough - it should be followed up by mentoring and grooming sessions. Most of the organizations conduct workshops for this. The best practice to increase the input of employees in a company is the reprimand followed by encouragement policy. It should also be remembered that the performance of a worker also depends on the relation he or she shares with the company, so it is also essential for a company to motivate and groom an employee in order to get the best results.
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