Instagram logo on iPhoneAnd Pinterest, and using Vine and Storify. I know that wasn’t a complete sentence, but hear me out.

Social media is everywhere; everyone knows this. But do most people realize just how many exist besides the “big three”—Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? Umm…like a gazillion (okay not that many).

More and more companies are adopting social media practices, and this is for good reason. An infographic from Balihoo reports that 63 percent of people using social media are more likely to use a business with information on a social media site. And that’s not all:

  • 91 percent of local searchers use Facebook to locate a business
  • Social networks and blogs now account for nearly a quarter of the total time Americans spend online
  • 71 percent of social media users say they’re more likely to purchase from a brand they follow

It’s obvious to see how effective (and necessary) brand marketing via social media is for today’s businesses. The same is true when it comes to recruiting.

Think about it: more and more job seekers are using social media to apply for jobs. So, as a wave of new social media tools and apps rise, it’s the employer’s job to keep its social media presence up to date—because please believe, if it’s new and it’s “in,” those talented potential job prospects you’re looking for will be using it.

So, what’s currently hot in the social media realm? Below are four popular (and growing) tools that most younger workers are using. Tools your company should consider adding to your recruitment arsenal to ensure you hire the cream of the crop:


This photo-sharing tool has more than 100 million users and counting. Users upload their photos (with a range of enhancement features) and share them with followers. You can also create images with text, link to different sites and share content via other social media platforms.

Recently hired a new developer? Why not make a “day in the life of a new hire” collage of photos to give your new hire a better feel for the company? Or show off your company culture to potential job seekers by taking pictures of company events and community involvement? As job seekers follow and like your photos, you can include links directing them back to you career site. It’s brand marketing for free.


These 6 seconds or less videos offer just enough to capture the viewers attention and leave them wanting more. Record short clips with each of a new hire’s team members welcoming him or her. Or, instead of just the boring job description, why not have a few short videos describing the vacancy?  For example, you can pose a question to job seekers (Want to help change the world from the comfort of your own home?) in the video and link back to your company’s website explaining the remote position that’s available.


People love visuals, so why not give em’ want they want? Setup a pinterest account and post office photos to give job seekers a feel of the company. You could even post photos of the available office space the lucky new hire will have (if it’s nice, of course). Most job descriptions don’t help job seekers get a sense of what the company is like, but adding more visuals is a sure way to attract the right talent.


While not extremely new, this tool is still very popular. Storify lets users create short stories with text, Tweets, images and videos. Why not make a short story about the highest people in your company to give a new hire background on these key people? Or make a story about the team/department and its operations so job seekers have a better understanding of the role.

You can even use Storify as an employee recognition tool by making short stories recognizing the accomplishments of different workers and/or departments. Not only can this boost employee morale, but it will show job seekers how your company values it employees—one thing that is very attractive when seeking a new position.

These are just a few of the many social media tools out there. Share your thoughts on what other sites/accounts recruiters should be using!

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