July 23, 2011

5 Tips for Working With Recruiters

Recruitment, Working with RecruitersIt’s still a tough economy out there. Last month, the unemployment rate rose to 9.2%. Maybe you’re one of the millions out of work and hunting for a job. You’ve tried job boards, employer’s websites, and called everyone you know. Still no luck. Maybe it’s time you considered contacting a recruiter.

Whether you’re unemployed or just looking for a change, recruiters can help. It’s THEIR job to help you get hired and that’s what they get paid for. Here are five tips to help you get in touch with a recruiter and get your career back on track:

1) Find a Great Recruitment Agency: The recruitment agency you choose to work with will be a stepping stone to finding your recruiter. Some agencies have better reputations than others. Do some research online and choose one with a strong track record. If you’re on Linkedin (you should be!) there’s countless opportunities available if you just put in the time and effort.

Some agencies will allow you to build a profile through their site and start from there, but should always call the firm anyway and introduce yourself right away.

2) Meet and Greet: When you find your recruiter, your first task will be to have a quick discussion. Even if the first talk is cordial chit-chat, it’s best to learn right away whether the two of you will ultimately be compatible. Try to be patient and gracious – the start of any business relationship is unsteady and requires some tact.

2) Be Open: When you start working with a recruiter, you’ll immediately realize you’re in for a long term relationship. The recruiter will want to know all about you, and everything you’ve done. Don’t panic! Foster this positive partnership and learn to trust each other. Be honest about your history and your goals.

3) Never Lie: As a followup to the last point, honesty and Integrity are the golden rules here. Don’t try to hide unsavory details from your employment past or obfuscate certain expectations (Salary requirements, travel requests, etc.) They’ll only come back to haunt you as your job search progresses.

4) Work Together: Make sure your resume is up to date and don’t be afraid to ask your recruiter for advice. They have a wealth of industry insight to offer as well as the inside scoop on the companies you’ll be shooting for.

5) Commit: Your recruiter will keep your information on file until they find a good match for your skillset. Go on the interviews they set up for you and keep a positive attitude. If you loose steam halfway through the process and give up – you’ve wasted everyone’s time. The perfect job is out there for YOU, and your recruiter is going to help you find it.

The candidate-recruiter relationship should be symbiotic – you’re both working for (roughly) the same goal. Recruiters should generally have your best interest in mind. Treat the relationship like a partnership and be open and honest – recruiters can be a highly effective conduit into a new job.

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David Clough is a writer living in New York City. He is passionate about marketing, human resource thought leadership, and classic American literature. David has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Human Resource Management.