Xora logoMobile workforce management provider Xora, Inc. recently introduced Xora StreetSmart, a product that utilizes the set of advanced features available on smartphones and tablets to improve the management of mobile workers in the field. StreetSmart uses integrated location awareness and a job-workflow engine to provide a comprehensive solution to mobile field operations.

“Xora StreetSmart supports a whole new way of looking at how technology can help companies with mobile workers work smarter and faster,” said Anne Bonaparte, president and CEO of Xora. “For our customers, mobile workers aren’t just ‘assets’ that need to be accounted for. They are drivers of productivity, customer satisfaction and business success. Xora StreetSmart empowers them and their managers by streamlining day-to-day business processes and by providing valuable insights they can use to better drive operations and empower workers to do more when in the field.”

StreetSmart offers a suite of configurable mobile apps and a web-based management application that lets management analyze the performance of mobile workers while saving time with mobile timesheets. Mobile forms and jobs reduce paperwork and electronic signature capture providers proof of service. In addition to the existing capabilities of the already released Xora GPS TimeTrack, Xora StreetSmart adds the following new features:

• More accurate GPS data collection and location awareness,

• Simplified proof of service functionality including a one-click print, email and export to PDF or Excel,

• A new job edit feature improving collaboration between mobile workers and home office,

• Support for 144 major mobile devices including feature phones, smartphones and tablets,

• Enhanced support for bring-your-own-device programs, and

• A more structured onboarding and training service.


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