September 14, 2012

Youth Employment Problem only Solvable with Scalable Strategies

Manpower Group logoLeading workforce solutions provider ManpowerGroup released a report calling on collaboration between global governments, companies, and educators to develop and scale initiatives to increase job opportunities for young workers. The report, How Policy can Boost Youth Employment, focuses on educating relevant parties to the need for strategies to raise the number of opportunities for entrepreneurship and quality jobs for youth.

“Public awareness of the rising number of jobless youth has intensified over the last decade,” said David Arkless, ManpowerGroup’s president of Global Corporate and Government Affairs. “The Human Age’s new talent-based economy offers tremendous opportunities but it also demands more specialized skills from new workers.”

“Today’s efficient economy is not guaranteed to create enough jobs for all young people who want to work,” said Arkless. “Without aggressive and proactive job creation and youth employment strategies both developed and developing countries face growing job scarcity, social tensions, and a lost generation of young people.”

The report targets practices and concepts in four primary areas: creating jobs and promoting entrepreneurship, aiding young workers to obtain relevant skills, assisting with workforce entry, and developing scalable career development programs on a national level. The report in its entirety is available at

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