ZipRecruiter logoBack in March, reported that online distribution service ZipRecruiter added a new “Apply with Monster” button, allowing users to apply for jobs using their Monster accounts. ZipRecruiter was the first job board to add this feature, already having apply with LinkedIn and Indeed options.

So, five months later, was the new addition worth it? The folks at ZipRecruiter—and the numbers—say yes. The company reported “jaw dropping results” since its inception, receiving more than 200,000 applications so far from the “Apply with Monster” button.

The company also said it took Monster just 3 months to become the most used button on ZipRecruiter’s site and by month four it was ahead by 51 percent.

The job board has experienced a 13 percent increase in conversion rates since launching Apply with Monster.

Ian Siegel, ZipRecruiter co-founder and CEO, writes, “Let me put that in more practical terms…since the button went live, ZipRecruiter is generating tens of thousands of incremental applicants from the same traffic we were already buying.”

Yet, Siegel went on to explain that this new data doesn’t mean companies only need the Monster feature. He says, “Each of the third party apply buttons (LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster) was tested on ZipRecruiter, and the addition of each one individually lifted conversion rates. Further, each button seems to draw a different segment of the job seeking population. For best conversion results, ALL THREE buttons should be implemented.”


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