2013 Recruitment Technology Trends: Customer Demand

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man gives his hands in asking for help This new year of 2013 will have a lot to offer for the recruiting world and here at Recruiter.com we’d like to give you a heads up on what’s to come. We’ve compiled the expertise and insight from some of the industry’s leading and most knowledgeable experts to give our readers an exclusive look at the current and upcoming trends in recruitment technology. From CEOs and VPs of HR and recruiting startups to HR technology consultants and business writers, this insight from the field’s best is sure to help jumpstart your recruiting success in 2013.

In this 2013 Recruitment technology trends series our experts have highlighted trends in social media and talent communities, mobility, ATS, video conferencing, analytics and big data. Now we’d like to take it one step further and offer you an inside scoop on what’s in demand for this year. You’ve learned what the newest trends and tools will be, but what about trends with your customers?

Take a look at what customers are asking for from some of today’s top HR companies, insight that is sure to help you prepare to meet the needs of all of your clientele this year:

Customization in Technology

Our customers are asking for more customized solutions and access to data based on the customized efforts.

They’re requesting more data-mining capability to optimize how their recruiting technology and process gains intelligence and gets more intelligent.

Bryan Wempen, Chief Strategy Officer, PeopleClues

Specialized Skills Business Process Optimization

Signature specializes in recruiting technology and IT talent for our clients. Right now, we’ve seen a tremendous surge in demand for candidates with mobile technology skills and those with experience in Big Data and Data Analytics, e.g. MPP technologies. In addition, finding candidates with in-demand skills for “bring your own device” jobs (such as network administrators and data security analysts), cloud computing jobs and infrastructure projects has been a top challenge for us for the past couple of years, and based on input from our clients, these jobs will continue to be hot in 2013. Java and .NET developers continue to lead the market in demand.

In addition, Signature’s recruiters are seeing demand for a new high-level consulting role: Business Process Optimization or Business Process Re-engineering. In this position, a consultant with a range of high-level business and technical skills is hired to look at an organization’s overall systems to spot outdated technologies, redundancies and inefficiencies and to offer counsel on cutting costs and improving productivity.

Pat Powers, Recruiter, Signature Consultants

Improving the Candidate Experience

There has been an explosion of new products to support the front end of recruiting (i.e. sourcing, screening, candidate relationship management) the technology landscape has become fragmented. Customers are looking for tighter integration of the solutions to create a better candidate experience.

With the convergence of social media, cloud computing, mobile, there is a perfect storm of innovation in the recruiting technology industry and I expect many more new products and solutions to emerge in 2013.

Ed Newman, Vice President of Strategy, iMomentous

Enhanced Candidate Selection Process

Our customers want our platform to give them more actionable information about which candidates to spend time interviewing.  They want more automated features that help filter the candidate pool, and they want to buy selection tools like skills testing, background checks, drug screening, and behavioral assessments from one vendor, not four.  They want tools that help them make the right hiring choices, rather than simply a database of resumes.  Customers also want flexible pricing models, and, increasingly, they want an on-demand delivery model that doesn’t require a contract.

Adam Robinson, CEO, Hireology

In-Depth Hiring Strategies

This year, our customers want…

  • More automation on the front end of the recruitment/talent acquisition process to move more applicants more efficiently through the hiring pipeline.
  • Better integration between operational performance systems/measurements and pre-hire systems to improve quality of hire.
  • Holistic view of the entire employee lifecycle through all phases including sourcing, recruiting, training, and on-job performance.
  • Predictive analytics to link sourcing strategies with predicted on-the-job performance (e.g., candidates from one source perform better, stay longer and are more reliable)

Kevin Hegebarth, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, HireIQ

Efficient Objective Recruitment Solutions

In 2013, our clients expect self-serve assessment solutions that help determine candidates’ abilities at the start of the process, as well as advanced analytics for the interview experience.  They’re seeking solutions that can help them be more efficient and objective – ultimately allowing them to spend their time more wisely, building relationships with the right candidates – during the recruiting and interviewing process.

Chip Luman, COO, HireVue

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By Shala Marks