3 Interview Tips To Get You Going

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Get going with Interview TipsWhat’s the worst part about finding a job?

You hear Job Seekers complain about the interview more than anything else. And rightfully so, there’s something very stressful about the interview process – no one likes to be analyzed too closely; too be told that you’re not qualified or not the right fit.

And perhaps worse than the scrutiny, applicants are afraid of saying the wrong thing, or making some minor mistake and blowing the whole interview.

Just having these negative thoughts can translate over into a bad experience.

But you can alleviate some of this stress by putting things into perspective. A bad interview won’t be the end of the world. Whether it goes well or not, you can apply somewhere else the next day. Interviewing is a perpetual learning process, and no one gets it right every time. Here’s 3 tips to help you through your next run:

1) Relax: You’re not on trial. If you treat your interview as an inquisition, it’s going to turn out that way. The interview is supposed to be a two way street – you should always ask questions during, and after the interview. It shows you’re confident, engaged and excited over the job prospect. Having no questions implies that you are disinterested in the company, or that you were disengaged from the interview.

2) Dress to impress: Look presentable, keep it simple and don’t try to seduce your interviewer – it’s not professional and won’t get you the job. However, your ability to clean up and take care of yourself speaks of your attention to detail, and that you are to be taken seriously. Your physical attractiveness is a component of your marketing strategy – don’t sell yourself short.

3) Don’t wait up: You made it through the interview. Time to sit by the phone and wait for the job offer right? Wrong. Always be proactive in your job search, not reactive. Send a thank you letter or email a couple days after your interview and start lining up other prospects. If you don’t hear back in a week or two from that first interview, then it’s ok to call to see if your still  being considered. Don’t dwell on it too much if you’re not, you should be too busy preparing for your next interview!

Job search and interviewing is no fun, but it doesn’t have to be the most painful thing in the world either. When interviewing, just be yourself and as natural as possible. Just like in running, it’s best to relax and breathe normally. Especially with the interview process lasting longer than ever before, it’s crucial to have stamina and perseverance. Good luck out there!

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David Clough is a writer living in New York City. He is passionate about marketing, human resource thought leadership, and classic American literature. David has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Human Resource Management.