3 Ways to Leverage Automation in Your Recruitment Process to Boost Efficiency

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Today, automation technology is transforming the talent acquisition landscape at a rapid pace.

Hubspot’s recent “Recruiting Automation Trends” report states that close to 75% of recruiters believe that technology will play a significant role in their recruitment strategy to streamline their hiring processes in the future.

With most companies functioning in a remote setup amid the ongoing pandemic and recruitment teams remaining the same size or even shrinking, finding the best potential candidates for your company is now more dependent than ever on a recruiter’s ability to automate their workflow intelligently.

In this piece, we will be looking at a few ways talent acquisition teams and human resources can leverage automation to boost efficiency and land the best hires.

1) Faster Resume Screening

One of the most promising applications of automation technology in recruitment lies with candidate resume screening. Screening new job applications manually is one of the most time-consuming tasks for talent acquisition teams.

The average recruiter spends around 23 hours screening resumes for a single hire.

Furthermore, nearly 88% of resumes that candidates submit for an open position are considered unqualified. So how exactly can automation help the recruiting process?

Intelligent screening software, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, can significantly help talent acquisition teams automate the resume screening process. Designed to work in conjunction with an applicant tracking system (ATS), this state-of-the-art program holds the potential to learn what the organization’s specific hiring requirements are. It can also figure out what the ideal candidate looks like by carefully observing previous hiring decisions.

You mitigate the risk of making a wrong hiring decision when you use an automated system.

For example, a few years ago, a company in Silicon Valley started using an automated software solution to scan resumes to accelerate the entire process. To test the system, they used the resumes of some of their best engineers. The recruiters wanted to know how their best employees would fare going through the ATS and resume parser.

Employees sent in five resumes, but only three came out to tell the tale!

This example successfully demonstrates how automation can help get the best of the talent pool and ensure a good return on your investment.

When applied to resume screening, recruitment automation can prove to be a benefit to reduce time-to-hire and ultimately cost-to-hire because it automates a repetitive, low-value task that takes up most of the recruiters’ time.

2) Automated Pre-Hiring Assessments to Mitigate Biases

We all know that hiring biases are a real thing. And although not always intentional, such factors can significantly impact your organization’s overall growth.

A Yale University study found that both male and female scientists who had taken a training course on objectively hiring failed to set aside their biases. The results found they still preferred to hire men over women, viewed men as more skilled, and offered about $4,000 more per year in salary to the men. 

The participants of the study were bewildered by the study results. They were surprised to find their bias was completely unconscious.

Furthermore, thousands of age discrimination complaints arising from workplaces are filed in the United States each year. Automation can significantly help recruiters mitigate such hiring biases!

Pre-hiring assessment platforms can prove to be extremely valuable for assessing relevant characteristics and skills, automatically ranking the best candidates based on their scores, and mitigating the chances of any potential hiring biases that might interfere with candidate selection.

One research study states that although pre-hiring assessment models come with a few limitations, they provide a fairer alternative to conventional hiring practices.

Recruiters can choose from an array of pre-employment assessments available out there. These are simple tests designed to assess an applicant’s fit for the corresponding open position

While some of these automated assessments focus on measuring skills such as cognitive ability, situational behavior, and other personality traits, others focus on measuring suitable candidates’ technical skills.

Due to all these reasons, recruiters wanting to eliminate any form of hiring bias should consider integrating this model with their existing workflows.

3) Enhanced Candidate Engagement and Nurturing

A positive experience makes job seekers nearly 38% more likely to accept a job offer. Building a positive candidate experience doesn’t always have to be complicated or overly sophisticated to be effective.

For recruiters to provide a positive candidate experience, they must maintain a good relationship with applicants throughout the hiring process. Recruiters should engage the candidate even if the hiring manager rejects the candidate’s application. Doing this is the only way to maintain and nurture a talent pipeline that they can tap into later.

Today, many applicants say that human resources teams don’t update their application status. 

Candidate nurturing tools, commonly referred to as candidate relationship management (CRM) systems, can significantly help human resource management on this front. These tools allow recruiters to engage candidates through email automation.

These models also augment candidate experience by ensuring they remain updated on their most current status throughout the hiring process. Using a CRM system can also help a hiring manager reduce cost-per-hire.

Leverage Automation in Your Recruiting Process

Thanks to the Great Resignation, it is becoming more and more challenging to fill open positions for your company. That means that every second counts.

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