3 Ways Video Can Improve Your Recruiting Results

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Did you know 80 percent of people online will watch a video, but only 20 percent will read content all the way through? That’s why many hiring and recruiting professionals are turning to video job descriptions to attract and engage potential candidates. Labeled “the next big thing” by Dr. John Sullivan video job descriptions are spicing up the hiring process and improving recruiting results for those who have implemented them.

How Can We Compete with Funny Cat Videos?

The traditional job description is pushing candidates away fast. The average job seeker spends only 50 seconds on a job post, and then he or she moves on. While the same time may be spent on watching a one-minute video, much more information can be conveyed.

Keep in mind that video job descriptions aren’t replacing the traditional job advertisement. But they are supplementing the job description by providing a more exciting look into the available position.

1. Attract More Talent

For the first time ever, potential candidates can see inside the organization and hear what the job will entail. Video job descriptions help candidates visualize themselves as a part of the team and organization.

It’s estimated that around 25 percent of candidates are dissuaded from positions because the job descriptions don’t build excitement about the position or display a strong employer brand. The visual capabilities that video job descriptions provide help build excitement. If a picture is worth 1000 words, what is a video worth?

2. Increase Credibility and Brand Awareness

Video job descriptions are increasing brand awareness and establishing credibility for organizations. Did you know that your website is 50 times more likely to appear on the first Search Engine Results Page if a video is included? Plus, having videos on your website increases the chance that viewers will remember you. Around 80 percent of people online remember video advertisements they watch on the internet. Therefore, job descriptions can be created into job video advertisements to improve your organization’s reputation and popularity.

3. Crush Your Competitors

The video job description can leverage your organization’s strengths and help gain an edge on the competition. Video job descriptions provide an opportunity for employers to set themselves apart from their competitors. How many job descriptions allow candidates to actually meet the people they may potentially work with?

Plus, 90 percent of people online state that when it comes to making a decision, seeing a video is helpful. If this is true for products, then it can be assumed that it would be true for video job descriptions too. If 9 out of 10 people believe videos are beneficial in their decision making process, then it may also relate to a candidate’s decision to apply for a position within a certain company.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Video content increases people’s understanding of products or services by 74 percent. So it stands to reason, video job descriptions may increase candidates understanding of the position being offered, thereby potentially reducing tie to fill! Overall, video job descriptions attract candidates in a compelling way that enables them to better grasp the position, visualize themselves in the position, and become motivated to join the organization all while improving your company’s brand image and reputation.

Have you implemented video job descriptions into your recruiting process? If not, share with us in the comments what’s holding you back.

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