A Look at the 2013 HR and Recruiting Space

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looking backThere’s plenty of time to talk about social recruiting, building a company culture and the importance of going mobile. This is a look back at how the recruiting and HR space felt this year. As another great 365 days in the world of HR and recruiting has come and gone, here’s a little highlights reel to wrap up what we saw in 2013 complete with buzz terms, what made us laugh, what inspired us, and what made us think.

Buzz Terms

Where would we be without out our overused, super vague, go-to words. You’d be hard pressed to find a post on recruiting or HR that doesn’t include one, or even all of the following buzz terms.

-The Company Story
-War for Talent

They Made Us Laugh

Meet the New Circle Jerk of Work

Yup, she said it, and it was funny. In this post, Blogging4Job’s Jessica Miller-Merrell talks about over-congratulatory professional relationships. She tells us how to get real and form genuine relationships at work.

6 Things Rick Astley Would Never Do as a Recruiter

In this post we got some insights into the made up behavior of 80s pop star Rick Astley, should he ever become a recruiter. Okay, so I wrote it…it’s still funny!

Recruit Like Wonka

This article explains why Willy Wonka may have very well been the best recruiter of all time. Maren Hogan of Red Branch Media takes us through each step of Mr. Wonka’s recruiting process.

They Inspired Us

HR Tech, Wine and the Art of Thanks

In this article from Sean Pomeroy of Visibility Software, Sean talks about his passion for work, life, people and wine.

Recruiting the Hunger Games Way

Doug Douglas goes Katniss on us with recruiting practices like standing out, forming alliances and taking advantage of mentors. He shares a few tactics to survive the arena of recruiting.

They Made Us Think

Psst! Leaders, Are You Really Listening?

David Hassell gives leaders a shake in this one and delves into common communication flaws of leaders.

Leadership is About Emotion

Leave it to Meghan M. Biro to school us on emotional intelligence in leadership and how to wise up.

There you have it; a small snapshot of the year passed. Here’s to awesome buzz words and great conferences. As we ring in the new year, please consider how you would like to leave your mark in 2014.

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Courtney McGann is the content creator and PR gal for Red Branch Media, an Omaha-based marketing firm. Red Branch Media was formed in 2006 as a simple consultancy. Today, the firm is a full-service B2B marketing agency, primarily focused on human resources and global workforce vendors. In the past Courtney has managed online communities, professional social outlets, marketing campaigns and event planning.