Benefits Administrator SHPS Creates PeopleSolve Advocacy Service

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newsSHPS have just released its pioneering health benefits, HR, and Payroll advocacy service to help employees learn to better interact with their health benefits. For three years, a group of select clients used the tool to markedly improved results in both positive employee perception of their benefits program and overall satisfaction with their benefits. Clients also reported improved HR conditions with less strain being placed on human resource personnel.

The labyrinthine nature of healthcare benefits has lead to a widespread lack of employee engagement with presents a problem for employers. The communication of those benefits become more complex as healthcare reform adds layers of new policy to an already overwhelming topic. Employees frequently lack support when instructed to wade through health-benefits tomes and assimilate the necessary knowledge. This leads to one of two outcomes: the employee contacts and already inundated HR department for answers or the employee doesn’t use the benefits to the full.

PeopleSolve acts as a hub for these benefits inquiries and essentially extends the HR department. And while not replacing the existing HR infrastructure, PeopleSoft makes it more efficient by working with employees to address their concerns and boost their overall understanding and satisfaction with their benefits. Rishabh Mehrotra, President and CEO of SHPS, had this to say about the benefits of a benefits advocate, “Benefits are becoming more complex, yet employees often navigate these issues alone. Self-service works well for simple transactions such as re-enrolling in a medical plan or updating a home address, but self-service isn’t able to help employees with complicated issues. Many times, an employee needs the highly personal guidance offered by our advocates. Helping employees navigate the complexity of health benefits improves employee productivity and satisfaction while lowering costs.”

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