CareerBuilder Launches Portal for Employer-Competitiveness Comparisons

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careerbuilder logoThe Recruitment Performance Portal, newly released by CareerBuilder, is a free Big Data analytics tool for companies that wish to evaluate the performance of their job ads compared to other companies recruiting for the same talent in the same locations. The new portal informs companies of how effective their ads are at attracting candidates and compares applicant demographics with those of direct competitors. The data allow for the easy identification of the most effective aspects of a recruitment campaign as well as weak spots in a company’s strategy.

The Recruitment Performance Portal gives recruiters and hiring managers the tools to:

• Track searches, views, and applications generated by each job listing and compare data to competitors;

• View all open positions for easy determination of areas needing improvement and areas performing well;

• Filter information by job type, location, date applied, applicant demographics, company profile, industry comparison, and site; and

• View applicant characteristics compared to competitors, including attributes such as gender, age, education level, experience, compensation, and other traits.

“CareerBuilder’s Recruitment Performance Portal provides actionable competitive intelligence in real-time,” Hope Gurion, chief development officer at CareerBuilder, said. “We’re applying the power of Big Data, making it easy for clients to optimize recruitment strategies to gain competitive advantage and better engage desirable talent. The portal offers companies information that is invaluable in developing a more effective recruiting program by not only evaluating their own applicants, but also benchmarking their recruitment efforts against competitors.”


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