Construction Industry Job Matching System Recognized for Outstanding Results

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constructionConstruction Connection, a job matching website focused in the construction industry, has been recognized by North Carolina-based Landmark Careers staffing company for outstanding achievement. The proprietary matching system utilizes company-created profiles on to recruit qualified candidates and create business-to-business connections. The streamlined nature Construction Connection’s method is manifest in its simple interface and account setup.

A company first creates a profile and posts a job ad on the website. A specialized search engine then filters through a database of thousands of registered individuals and matches the job with those candidates with both the experience and skill set that most closely matches a job’s requirements. Construction Connection then organizes a list of potential candidates and presents the results to account holder who then handpicks the most appropriate individuals and continues the hiring process.

Individuals searching for jobs in the construction industry have access to’s profile wizard which aids in the development of a unique and clear profile best presenting that individual’s experience to be matched with jobs. Once this profile is established, users may then proceed to search through only those jobs for which they are most suited.  An internal messaging app gives applicants the ability to securely communicate with companies in order to have information further elucidated or to provide resumes or other documentation. Often, the complete hiring process can be performed in less than 48 hours.


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