Creative Recruitment Strategies that can Help You Attract the Best Talent in 2022

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Employees are the building blocks of a company. Without these blocks, it won’t take long for the organization to crumble.

Hiring the right candidate can give your company the strong foundation it needs and take it to greater heights. But hiring candidates isn’t enough. You need to hire top talent, for which you need creative recruiting strategies.

Top candidates only stay available on the market for ten days before getting hired. Therefore, if a company wishes to recruit the right people, it must be fast.

To attract the best talent in 2022, companies need to look to formulating a creative recruiting strategy that takes other vital practices such as an effective employee referral program, candidate engagement channels, an optimized hiring process, and a responsive careers page. The list can go on and on.

This article looks at a few best of the best creative recruiting strategies that HR leaders can follow to keep good candidates flowing through their funnel.

Innovative Recruitment Strategies for Best Talent In 2022 

A corporate job post usually receives 250 resumes, this may seem like a lot, but the quantity of resumes is not essential. Quality takes precedence over quantity at any time. Here are some of the best suggestions you can use for creative recruitment strategies for 2022.

1. Improve Employer Brand 

One of the essential things for hiring managers to consider is the employer brand for their company. 72% of hiring managers and other recruiters think that the employer brand is vital in a creative recruitment strategy.

However, understanding what an employer brand is and how one can improve it is crucial. Employer brand is a brand’s image. This image helps employees decide whether they want to work with a specific company or not.

If a company is known for its work, employee retention, and lucrative vacancies, a recognizable company will not struggle to find talent. Since candidates themselves want to work with these companies, they will not struggle when finding talented employees. However, an employer brand does not form overnight. Companies need to work hard on their branding and market them to potential employees.

Several factors can influence employer branding, such as working conditions, employee benefits, and career development opportunities. If an organization wishes to improve its employee branding to attract candidates, they need to work on the aforementioned factors. The best way forward for companies is to put marketing strategies that they use for their customers towards recruiting employees.

Companies that invest in employer branding are more likely to recruit great talent, making it an essential recruitment strategy.

2. Increase Company Visibility 

Imagine trying to hit the center of a dartboard without looking. Sounds impossible. The same goes for companies looking to hire talented candidates but are invisible to potential employees. For employees to come to you, they must know about your brand. Passive candidates who are not actively searching for jobs can be talented individuals. But reaching out to these candidates means that companies need to work on their visibility.

Companies do not let good candidates get away, so it is challenging to reach out to passive candidates and entice them to work for your company. Furthermore, you will rarely find passive candidates on recruitment platforms or job boards.

Therefore, you need to go the extra mile to recruit passive talent. Companies can come up with strategies that make them more appealing to them. First, headhunt passive candidates you know will fit the job, and then convince the employer. More than 73% of job seekers are passive; this means that there are a lot of markets that your company can explore.

3. Revamp/Make Career Page 

Many companies fail to understand the importance of a career page. But with an informative and engaging career page, you can bring in talented recruits. If you don’t already have a career page for your company website, it’s time you come up with one.

A career page can substitute make for a great recruitment strategy. It can be an excellent resource for potential candidates when visiting your website for more information to apply. Moreover, it is standard protocol for a company to have a career page, and if candidates fail to find one on your website, they will be disappointed.

A company can kill two birds with one stone with a career page. They can post job descriptions, but they can also show potential candidates what their company is all about. This information can include employee reviews, a glimpse of work-life, and other career prospects candidates can have once they join.

4. Promote Company Culture on Social Media 

Many candidates have their reservations before joining a company. Their concerns may include questions regarding work ethics, norms, and other values. These concerns often factor in when an employee receives an offer letter and decides whether or not they want to join the company.

Therefore, companies need to show off the culture they’ve developed. They can use social media platforms to share pictures, videos, and other content surrounding their work culture. This content can help potential employees learn about what it is like to work in the company and decide if they can fit in.

Moreover, it can also help assure potential employees that your company is a great place to work. The company culture is essential for employees and can help them decide if they want to join the company. 17% of employees have said no to a job because they learned that the company’s culture did not align with their personal beliefs.

5. Produce Recruitment Video 

Videos are the future of the internet. Many people now prefer to consume content through videos instead of written posts. As a company going to great lengths to reach out to the best talent, producing a recruitment video can be very beneficial. For instance, you will be able to easily present information about your vacancies. Not just that, but a job post in a video will be better to engage potential candidates. For example, you could simulate job tasks so that a candidate can visualize what they would be doing in that position.

Videos are the most shareable content on social media platforms. If you want to get the right talent, you can consider distributing video content. It can reach a much larger audience compared to other job posts. The likelihood of candidates applying for a job can increase by 34% after seeing a recruitment video. That should be enough to motivate companies to make one.

6. Try Referral Programs 

Employee referral programs are usually not on a company’s priority list. But, a referral program can help companies gain access to an extensive talent pool out there.

Employees that you already have onboard are professionals, and they might know several other professionals as well. You can ask employees to refer candidates they think will better fit the position. The employee, in this case, is a middle man, matching you with the right candidate since they know precisely the company’s requirements.

Getting the right candidate through referrals offers other benefits like quick hires, cheaper recruitment strategies, and sustained employees. Referred employees are less likely to switch. This means that companies can hold on to referred employees much longer.

You can also set a referral bonus, encouraging employees to get the best candidate for the job. The referral bonus could be cash, or it can be more days off.

7. Sift and Sort from Past Candidates 

It is usual for a company to have multiple recruitment cycles. And in these cycles, they may have several resumes that might not have made it to the position despite being qualified enough.

When recruiting new candidates, you can look at all your past options and decide if you can consider any of them for the position. This is a brilliant recruitment strategy, as you have already sorted these candidates and think they deserve their position. If you choose any candidates from this pool, you won’t have to go through the hassle of starting a recruitment strategy from scratch.

This will save you a lot of time and money, but this will also help you get the talent you need.

8. Use Search Engine Tools 

Google has a job search feature, allowing you to post job ads. The feature can be a great strategy for recruiters as they can have access to target candidates looking for jobs and will be interested in the position you have to offer.

Most candidates do a quick Google search to find available vacancies, which helps them connect with the job you post. However, it can be challenging to stay on top of the search engine. But, with the help of an SEO expert, you can stay relevant on search engines. This can be very helpful for your recruitment strategy and ensure that you connect with the best candidates available.

9. Reassess Your Recruitment Process 

If you are not a start-up and have worked in the industry for a few years, you may already have a recruitment process. But having a recruitment process does not mean that it is a good one or will bear fruit. Therefore, before you can entirely work on a new recruitment process, you can reassess the one you already have.

Your recruitment process may have several issues that you fail to recognize. To improve your recruitment process, you must first take a deep look at what you are doing wrong, and then you can move to fixing errors and recruiting the best talent.

Dive deep into every aspect of your recruitment process, and you can easily single out all the mistakes you have been making over the years.

10. Organize Job Fairs 

Last but not least, your recruitment strategy should participate in or organize job fairs. Job fairs are some of the best places to have access to get access to highly talented individuals. As a company, you can arrange a job fair on your own and let the talent come to you.

Job fairs feature employees from various backgrounds, companies, and fields, giving you a diverse group of people. Most people who attend job fairs are actively looking for work, making them more likely to provide the company a chance. There are many candidates out there, both fresh and experienced. With several candidates pooling in, you can take your pick for the best candidate.

Job fairs are also a great way to see how the competition recruits candidates. They may be offering a better bonus, or they might be offering a fancier working environment, or simply more vacation days. By looking at a creative recruitment tactic that the competition uses and the number of recruits they pull in, you can better understand candidate preferences.

Use These Creative Recruiting Strategies Today

You surely want to hire talent that can improve your business. However, you need more than just determination to bring in talented people; you need a better recruitment strategy. You need to put your money where your mouth is and work hard to develop new and improved recruitment strategies to get the talent you want.

Hiring the right talent won’t be difficult if you put the above-mentioned innovative recruitment strategies into practice! All you need to do is make sure that your recruitment strategies are effective and carried out in the best ways possible!

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