CRS Advanced Technology Launces SubFinder Elite Absence Management Software

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subfinder absence management softwareCRS Advanced Technology has announced the launch of their latest software upgrade, SubFinder elite.

SubFinder elite Version 1 offers over 200 new features including a completely web based application for all users, user-specific dashboard, a completely redesigned report engine, and advanced scheduling capabilities to assist in the management of block and rolling schedules. The new upgrade also includes a message center for operators and administrators that allows messages to be sent out to the whole organization or to targeted user types, and more refined user permissions for administrators, employees, and substitutes.

“We couldn’t be more excited for the launch of SubFinder elite. CRS has always been a leader in the market and elite will secure our position at the head of the pack,” states Peter Lupacchino, Vice President and General Manager of CRS Advanced Technology. “There has been considerable time, effort, and dedication from all parties involved on this product. I have the utmost confidence that our efforts will pay off and SubFinder elite will be well-received by both current and prospective customers.”

On the marketing front, Maxx, CRS’s signature mascot, is now joined by his elite Squad. This band of functionality-based superheroes includes Ruby Reports, ACA Alice, Quality Quinn, and others.

“Over the years, the SubFinder software has evolved to so much more than just an absence management and substitute placement solution. SubFinder elite features countless functions that will benefit organizations from every aspect and we want to tout that,” says Lupacchino.

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