Decision Toolbox CEO Advises Companies to Transition to A Virtual Model

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connectedSmall business leaders are realizing that virtual workplaces will be increasing over the next few years and are planning accordingly. Kim Shepherd, CEO of Decision Toolbox, states, “Though 2012 has just begun, smart business leaders are already looking ahead, planning where their organizations will need to be in 2015. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of transitioning to a virtual model and in a few years virtual work environments will be the norm.”

Decision Toolbox is a recruitment solutions company that began in 1992 by Shepherd. It houses experienced US-based recruiters and sourcers and provides solutions for one critical search, large projects, or a complete RPO/RPI solution. Recognized as a “Thought Leader” by various organizations and receiving multiple awards, Decision Toolbox continues to lead the way in the recruitment industry.

Referring to virtual workplaces, Shepherd added, “Decision Toolbox has been a 100% virtual workplace since 2003. Being pioneers in this space, we have learned firsthand that there is much more to a virtual workplace than having employees work from home offices. Thus, we’ve adopted the term ‘cloud culture’ to describe our own unique virtual environment.”

Shepherd cites three top reasons for transitioning to the cloud. First, it saves money by allowing companies to invest in the best people, tools, and technology. Second, the quality will be better, and third, cloud companies are more scalable because there is no need to increase space or furniture as employees increase. For more information, please visit

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