Mass Email your Resume: Resume Distribution for Job Search

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If you are looking for a new job, you are probably applying to a huge amount of jobs online and emailing your resume to any recruiter and employer that you can think up. Employment sites, job boards, niche sites, social networks, recruiting firms, resume distribution services – there are too many career resources out there to count!

If you’ve been on the job hunt for a long time, you might be asking “Is my resume going into the garbage?” The scary thing is, that typical job market perception may not be far from the truth.

Applicant tracking systems are the computer technology that employers and recruiters use to keep track of thousands of resumes and open jobs. When your email your resume to employers and recruiters, you are very likely doing little but submitting your resume into one of these large applicant databases. There might be millions of other candidates!

It’s not surprising therefore that job application has become somewhat of a numbers game. You need to get your resume to a lot of recruiters and employers by properly key-wording your resume and then distributing that resume into as many databases as possible. Job search is still about creating a very highly quality resume, social media presence, and strong brand statement; however, a certain level of quantity is required.

Applying manually to jobs and emailing resumes to recruiters directly is a lot of work… How do you email your resume to a huge number of people and get your resume into the hands of a lot of recruiters all at once? Fortunately, offers a resume service for just that.

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Tips to Consider when Sending your Resume to Recruiters

  • Companies that offer resume distribution services vary in the scope of their recruiter database, and their methods for distribution. In general, look for resume services that can email your resume to a large network of employers and recruiters, and offer the recruiters targeted distribution.
  • Although resume distribution is the “quantity” part of your job search, it still pays to make sure you find a quality service to email resumes for you, and that the company has a high level of customer service and support.
  • Examine the type of jobs that you are interested in for the types of keywords that they use. Make sure that your resume contains these keywords and phrases, as your resume will be often judged by computers, versus humans!
  • Understand the nature of any recurring services – some resume distribution services offer a one time blast; others offer multiple emails or some other type of recurring product. Make sure you understand what you are buying.

If you do end up using our resume distribution service or another resume sending service, hopefully it will provide job leads for years to come, as your resume could end up in the applicant databases of thousands of recruiting firms. Best of luck to you in your job search!

By Marie Larsen