Employee Confidence up in September after August Slump

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employee confidence up in septemberThe latest U.S. Employee Confidence Index report from Randstad found that, while employees are still somewhat cautious about their economic futures, confidence has risen slightly since August. After a 19-month index high of 59 in July, the index fell to 55.9 in August. It ticked up half a percentage point in September to 56.4.

Macro confidence and personal confidence levels as measured by the index were high in July by historical standards. August saw them all drop significantly. And while macro and employee levels moved up slightly in September, personal confidence fell slightly.

Other findings from the employee index include:

  • 26 percent say they are confident in the availability of jobs, the same percentage as last month.
  • 44 percent of workers say they are confident in their own ability to find a new job, a slight decrease from 45 percent in August.
  • 60 percent are confident in the future of their current employer.
  • Only 13 percent of employees surveyed believe it is likely they will lose their job in the next 12 months.

“Although overall confidence levels among workers were little changed month-over-month, the index has remained well above our confidence threshold of 50 throughout 2014, compared to the start of the recession when it never climbed above the 40s,” said Jim Link, chief HR officer at Randstad North America.

“With the nation’s impressive job gains of 248,000 in September and an unemployment rate below 6.0 for the first time since the recession, we expect to see further increases in employee confidence,” Link said. “The dynamics of a healthier job market such as pay increase demands, more frequent job changes and career mobility should put employers on notice as their top talent may be more susceptible to a career move.”

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