Employees Want Better Chemistry

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checkExecutive job search provider TheLadders has determined in a recent survey that most American employees have little love for their jobs and employers. The study polled thousands of TheLadders clients and confirmed that only 11.7 percent of respondents felt that they had found an acceptable level of corporate chemistry and were “really happy” with their jobs.

When asked about feelings for their current job, 61.3 percent of workers responded that they were “actively looking for another job,” while 19 percent fell that their job “isn’t awful” but also “not great.” Just under 4 percent responded with “I don’t know how much more of this gig can be tolerated,” and 4.1 percent claimed that they “want out of this job now.” Even with the current national unemployment rate trending downward, over 20 percent of customers surveyed noted that they were between jobs.

Alex Douzet, President of TheLadders, suggests that the following factors most greatly influence workplace satisfaction: corporate culture, growth opportunity, job challenge, the balance struck between professional and personal life, and the employment compensation package. In reference to the study results, Douzet said, “Both personally and professionally, finding the right match is all about chemistry, and feeling motivated and appreciated in the workplace is paramount for being successful in your career and life.” TheLadders works to continually gather psychographic information from its 5 million members to educate both the company and recruiters about behavioral trends within the current labor market.

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Rachel, writer for Recruiter.com, has graduate level work in literature and currently works in university administration.