Executive Search Firm Sanford Rose Associates Announces Partnership with The Devine Group

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newsSRA International – the global franchiser of the Sanford Rose Associates executive search firms, has recently entered into a partnership with The Devine Group, a leading provider of HR consulting services. The strategic partnership enables Sanford Rose and The Devine Group to share their premier services with each other.

“We are excited to be joining forces with The Devine Group,” said Rich Carter, President and CEO of SRA International. “This relationship benefits Sanford Rose Associates offices by giving them more tools to evaluate and assess potential candidates in order to fulfill our mission of ‘finding people who make a difference’ for their clients and also allows them to offer those clients the additional HR assessments, tools, and other services offered by The Devine Group. In addition, we believe that the clients of The Devine Group will be impressed by the professionalism, industry knowledge, and high level of service delivered by Sanford Rose Associates offices in filling their critical openings.”

Sanford Rose can now offer their clients a comprehensive selection of  talent assessments on behalf of The Devine Group – for hiring, on-boarding, professional development, career advancement, and exit interviews. Similarly, clients of The Devine Group now have access to the executive search and recruiting services provided by the Sanford Rose Associates executive search offices.

David Devine, CEO of The Devine Group commented: “The Devine Group is delighted to have the opportunity to bring the global Sanford Rose Associates network’s more than four decades of experience in creating industry leading-assessment tools and consulting services to assist clients in making superior hiring decisions and identifying exceptional talent ‘who make a difference’ within their organizations.”

The Devine Group has over 4,000 global clients and been a leader in talent assessments for more than 40 years. Sanford Rose Associates has over 60 offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia with access to an additional 130 global offices through its affiliation with the International Executive Search Federation (IESF).

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