Feedback Is the Key to Employee Engagement [Infographic]

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By now, we’re all well aware of the dismal state of employee engagement. But here’s a little good news for the HR departments and executive leaders struggling to boost engagement levels: A new report has found that communication – particularly feedback from managers – may be the key to getting employees more engaged at work.

The report comes from Quantum Workplace, purveyor of employee engagement tools, and highlights include:

– 34 percent of organizations say communicating HR initiatives company-wide is their biggest challenge.

– Emails from leadership is the top communication strategy used by 79.3 percent of organizations, followed by all-company meetings (76 percent) and manager and employee one-on-ones (75.3 percent).

– Only 13 percent of employees receive monthly or quarterly progress updates.

– Employees whose managers follow up with them following an employee engagement survey are 12 times more likely to be engaged the following year.

For more information on the role that communication plays in engaging employees, check out the Quantum Workplace’s full report or take a look at the infographic below:


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