Finding the Right Career Choice Test for You

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checkA career choice test is designed to help you learn about how your interests and skills relate to different types of careers for which you may have an aptitude. Career aptitude tests assess your answers to specific questions and offer direction as to which careers may suit you best. As you decide which career options to pursue, you have many different factors to consider. The right career test can help you to narrow down those options.

Because career aptitude tests are designed to pinpoint your interests, a career test may feel similar to a personality test when you take it. The questions in each test measure not only your preferences, but also how likely you are to be capable within certain positions. Career tests also examine your work values and your various skill sets. Your natural abilities, once identified, can point you in the direction of very specific careers.

Although each career aptitude test basically narrows down to the same information, there are a wide variety of test types. Some measure aptitude primarily, while other career tests focus more on career interest or how your personality fits with each job description. If your answers are honest, you should get the same types of results no matter which sort of career test you take. You may prefer, however, one method of questioning over another which can help to influence which career choice test most appeals to you.

CareerPath found here offers a free career path test in which you select the statement which best applies to you out of twenty-four pairs of options. Some questions will ask you to select between two professions, and some statements involve personality traits. In order to receive your results, they ask you to provide your name and address.

At ColorQuiz you are able to take a very different kind of career aptitude test. You are asked to select from a group of colored tiles according to your preferences. At the end, you are given a list of criteria to help you in your career search. You are not asked to give any personal information to receive your results.

The Jung Typology Test gives you results according to Carl Jung’s research and the Myers Briggs personality inventory. This career test is a lengthy test, so give yourself plenty of time to answer all of the questions thoroughly.

Be sure to check carefully before taking a career test online. While there are many free career choice tests available, some may require a fee.

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