Free HR Apps Help Small Departments Improve Efficiency and Keep Costs Low

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newsFor human resource departments working with smaller budgets, free and open source web apps can provide a range of efficient and cost-cutting utilities addressing needs such as systems management, applicant tracking, benefits management, and reference. Several apps, such as the one found on, exist that help in managing HR systems and perform functions like employee record tracking and attendance and exit interview tracking. Further functionality can be had by purchasing available program add-ons.

Other open source apps, like’s freebie, can manage personnel information, benefits, recruitment, and other areas. Additionally, add-on modules to expand functionality to include resume archiving, training, and other services, can be purchased at varying rates between $100 and $1,500 dollars. Lower cost recruitment software like’s popular app work to streamline the application and hiring process for small to large business with a staggered pricing scheme; prices range from between $50 per month for businesses with small numbers of workers and low applicant capacity and $350 per month for businesses with more demanding requirements.

Other apps, both free and for-fee are more specialized. Example apps in this category include those available on,, and’s app is a free reference tool consisting of over 270 human resources terms and relevant employment laws. The free benefits app on gives employees the ability to monitor their HAS, FSA, and HRA accounts.

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