Get Productive, Stay Productive: Top 10 Workplace Productivity Tools

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Welcome toTop 10,’s weekly rundown of the best of the best in recruiting! Every Friday, we release a list of some of our favorite people, things, and ideas dominating the industry. From awesome tech tools and cool companies to great books and powerful trends, no stone in the recruiting space will be left unturned.

This Week: Top 10 Workplace Productivity Tools

We’ve all heard the old chestnut: It’s better to work smarter than it is to work harder. Help yourself work smarter with these ten productivity tools, recommended by the experts:

1. Asana


Daniel Passov, president of Greek U, says he tests every SaaS that comes to market in order to find the tools that will make his company as productive as possible. According to him, one product stands above the rest: Asana.

“It is a project/task management software that literally runs my company,” Passov says. “If we lost access to it, it would be a similar result as losing internet at work. Every employee has their tasks and projects planned and scheduled out for the quarter. Asana helps us run our meetings, plan and execute projects, and keep us
productive with to-do lists on a daily basis. I couldn’t speak more highly of Asana.”

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2. Zoho


It’s not every day you find someone willing to call themselves a “raving fan” of a business software suite – but that’s how Emily LaRusch, founder and CEO of Back Office Betties, describes her feelings about Zoho’s products.

“I love the customization and process automation of Zoho Recruit, and once a team member is hired, it takes a click of a button to convert to an employee in Zoho People,” LaRusch says. “We used to manually type out emails to schedule interviews and type new hire docs. Zoho automates all of this via templates and workflow. Best of all, it doesn’t require me to be a technical expert to set it up and use.”

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3. JotForm


Stop creating forms and documents from scratch. Instead, let the online form-builder JotForm handle that for you.

“I have impressed so many of my colleagues by being able to quickly and easily create a JotForm for our many needs,” says JotForm user and student affairs professional Moe Bates. “I’ll be sitting in a meeting about a form needed, and literally minutes later, I’m able to email a sample, professional JotForm of exactly what we just discussed.”

According to Bates, JotForm doesn’t only cut down on the time needed to make forms – it also makes completing those forms a breeze: “While my colleagues are waiting for paper copy forms to be returned, I can tell instantaneously when someone has responded or accepted a position with JotForm. It saves me so much time and headache!”

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4. Timer

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 4.46.05 PM Timer looks, to be blunt, like nothing more than a timer. But looks can be deceiving.

For starters, Timer comes with special presets, like one setting specifically for the Pomodoro Technique.

And beyond that, this simple timer can be a wildly effective tool for focusing, as Gertrude Nonterah of Nonterah Digital Media can attest: “Recently, I wanted to write an eBook I was going to put up for sale on my website. I committed to writing for at least one hour every single day. I used Timer to coax myself into focusing during that one hour where I was doing nothing but writing. I finished the almost 10,000-word eBook within 10 days.”

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5. Hootsuite


When we asked people to recommend productivity tools for this list, the social media marketing and management dashboard Hootsuite was far and away the most commonly cited tool. There’s simply no easier way to keep track of all your social media activity than through Hootsuite, which allows you to manage multiple accounts on multiple sites without ever leaving the platform. Whether you’re advertising job openings, promoting a new product, or keeping your personal brand in good standing, Hootsuite can help.

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6. Drip


“For marketing automation, nothing beats Drip,” says Chris Bintliff, digital and marketing strategist at Not Really Rocket Science. “It dramatically decreases the time I have to spend being busy-but-not-productive in an email client, letting me create sophisticated, complex pathways to personalization for my clients that are doing more with email marketing.”

We all know what those “busy-but-not-productive” days are like. Drip can help you leave them behind.

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7. Evernote


A close second to Hootsuite in the “most recommended” category, Evernote is a multiplatform tool for creating, organizing, and sharing notes – perfect for teams that do a lot of collaborative work. Because Evernote can be accessed from mobile devices, laptops, and desktops, you’re never far from the information you need. Furthermore, your teammates can access and work on shared notes no matter where they are. Whether your team is hunkered together in the same HQ or distributed around the world, Evernote’s a good tool to add to your arsenal.

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Recruiters, marketers, and salespeople alike know the frustration: You’ve found what could be a perfect lead – but try as you might, you can’t seem to dig up their contact info. is a great tool for these situations: Using domain search capabilities, it can help you surface and verify your would-be lead’s email address.

“We use to find just about anyone’s email with one click of a button,” says Carrie Wood, CMO of Lease Ref. “We have been able to reach out to people that are hard to track down very easily – and for free.”

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9. KeepMeOut

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 5.17.12 PM

You know you spend way too much time on Facebook every day – but you just can’t pull yourself away! That’s when you set up a bookmark on KeepMeOut, which will either block you from Facebook or limit the amount of time you can spend there, depending on your settings.

As productivity specialist and business strategist Amber Kelsey puts it: “No more wasting time watching funny cat videos when you’re supposed to be writing your blog post.”

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10. Bullet Journal


Touting itself as the “analog system for the digital age,” Bullet Journal isn’t a cutting-edge software – it’s a journalling technique. What it lacks in tech-y tricks it more than makes up for in terms of sheer efficiency.

“This approach to time planning and management has done wonders for my productivity and my life overall,” says Allison Nazarian, the entrepreneur behind Allison Media Group. “Bullet journaling is about taking away lots of bells and whistles around planning and getting back to basics. I have become more realistic as to what I can do (or can’t do) in any given timeframe, and it has allowed me to stop complicating things so much. The BuJo approach helps keep things simple – which, for me, is where great things get planned and accomplished.”

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