HalfPriceSoft’s New Attendance Tracker aims to Meet Small Business Time-Tracking Needs

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Browser URLHalfPriceSoft, maker of small business financial software, has introduced its new computerized timesheet software, EzTimeSheet, designed for computer novices seeking to track employee attendance in a small business environment. Key new features included with the release include: automatic calculations of paid time off based on an accrual plan, employee leave tracking and reporting, and employee vacation tracking and reporting. With the programs simple interface users follow the step-by-step process instructions supplied by the program to manage timesheets, run payroll, and print paychecks.

“Business owners should spend their time running their business, not tracking employee time,” said Halfpricesoft.com Founder Dr. Ge. “Yet HR is a critical component of any business and can’t be ignored. That’s why we engineered EzTimeSheet so that anyone that knows how to point and click with a computer mouse can run it.”

The main functions of the software package include:

• Simple graphical interface letting employees sign in and out of work electronically

• Automated time tracking and calculation of gross payroll figures

• Fully editable data for program administrators

• Excel, PDF, or image software data exportation

• Converting payment data to a .csv file

• Password protection for both administrators and employees

• Free data backup and software updates

EzTimeSheet is available in a free demo version (up to one administrator and one employee) or a full version starting at $39 for up to five employees. For more information visit HalfPriceSoft.com.


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