High Traffic Managed by CareerBuilder

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newsIn fifty-five countries, CareerBuilder might be able to help someone find a new job or start a new career.  Likewise, it’s helping employers in the recruitment process.

CareerBuilder has long been competitive in recruiting, but its number of users has really spiked this year.  In January 2011, more than 25.7 million unique visitors came to the CareerBuilder Network.  If you begin to imagine that many of those individual visitors are visiting the job board website many times, the amount of traffic becomes wildly huge.

“CareerBuilder has increased our market share each year for the last six years because we invest heavily in high-quality traffic generation and product development that is impactful for clients,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. “We have a diverse portfolio of services that extend beyond traditional online recruitment and support evolving needs within the human capital space. We’re excited about the growth opportunities for our business in 2011 both domestically and globally.”

How is Ferguson expanding the frontiers of its services?  One way is games, such as Talent Network, which is helping employers build a pipeline of active and passive job seekers.

As a company grows, it can be difficult to determine which factors will ensure it’s contineud success.  For instance, will Talent Network keep people excited for the foreseeable future?  But, visitors to websites often enjoy the introduction of something new that exhibits the commitment of the company to its users.

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