How to Ensure That Your Candidates Accept Your Job Offers

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According to Glassdoor research , 1 in 6 job offers are rejected. Candidates might reject these job offers for many reasons, including salary, benefits, or employer branding. 

But in a competitive job market, you might need a candidate to accept your final job offer as soon as possible. So how do you ensure that they accept your job offers?

Keep reading to find some strategies that will enhance your job offer process.

Create an Ideal Candidate Profile

Before you start the hiring process, figure out what your ideal candidate looks like. This will help you through the sourcing stage and during the interview process, where you try to connect with the candidate. 

You should spend the interview process getting to know the job seeker, and hopefully, they have given you some information you can use to help convince them to accept your job offer. If the candidate doesn’t tell you why they’re hesitant to accept your new job offer, then you’ll have to try and sell your candidate based on information that you gathered during the process. This will also ensure that you are set up for a successful hire.

Find Ways to Attract the Candidate

Attracting the candidate starts at the very beginning of the recruitment process. It would be best if you did your research to write a good job description before posting it on your company page or another job board. When you follow this strategy, you’re more likely to find a candidate who is interested in and qualified for that position. 

When you also figure out your ideal candidate profile, you’ll determine what is most important to that candidate. That makes it easier to market the position to the candidates, and you can leverage these insights to describe the job in a way that will sound most appealing. 

For example, suppose you find out that your ideal candidate wants a job that will provide many networking opportunities. In that case, you might want to highlight that the job lets employees attend conferences. When you connect these features for top candidates and highlight the relevant parts, the applicant will be more likely to accept the job offer. 

Make Candidate Feel Wanted

One of the best tips for hiring top talent is to make candidates feel like they’re wanted. While you might be interviewing multiple candidates, you need to make each one feel like they’re the most important one. 

If a candidate doesn’t feel like the employer cares to hire them or not, they likely won’t want to work at that company. The candidate wants to feel special. 

If a candidate already has a job you’re trying to recruit them from, you’ll need to find a way to make them feel more wanted than their current job does. While you might do this through extra benefits or salary, you can also do this with excellent candidate experience and genuine human connection. 

Show How the Job Will Benefit Them

When trying to figure out how to convince a candidate to take your job position, you need to show them that this job will benefit them. This is why you should learn what the candidate wants in their career. 

You shouldn’t lie to the candidate, but be honest about what needs you can’t meet and how you can meet the ones that you can. If you can exceed their expectations, highlight this and show how your company is the perfect fit. Emphasize your commitment to providing a career that the candidate will love. 

It would be best if you also reminded the candidate that they’re an essential part of your company. Showcase that they’ll be a valued member and how their exact position and talents will benefit the company. 

Focus on Employer Branding

Employer branding is a way to market the positive aspects of your company. It focuses more on how you are a great employer, and if it’s mainly positive, you’ll have many candidates apply to work at your company. However, having mostly negative reviews on Glassdoor can hurt your company’s employer branding and make it more difficult to get candidates to accept a job offer. 

You may not always be able to return and fix your reputation and mistakes, but you can be honest and upfront with candidates about the negative reviews. This is the best thing you can do in this scenario. Answer any questions the candidate has, and give concrete examples of how you’re trying to fix this issue so that the candidate doesn’t have any concerns or hesitations when accepting an offer letter. 

Emotionally Connect With Candidate

If you can’t offer the highest compensation or benefits in your industry, you can still use the power of emotional connections to get candidates to accept your job offer. When your recruiters, hiring managers, or other executives are meeting with applicants, ensure that they’re honest, passionate, and invited to the candidate. 

If you have an in-person office, you may want to offer the candidates a tour of the place. Invite them to meet another hiring manager and employees, especially those they might be working with. It would be best if you also shared positive company stories about happy employees. 

You want the perfect candidate to feel comfortable and feel like they already have a connection at this workplace. You can still create a personal relationship through remote interviews if you don’t have an in-person office. For example, you may notice something in the background of their video that you can use to connect with them.

Hire the Best Candidates Today

These are only a few tips to get your candidate accepts your job offers, but there are many other factors to consider. While you’re busy focusing on having job seekers accept your job offers, ensure you’re still hiring qualified candidates.

Finding great candidates can be challenging in some industries, which is why we’re here to help you. Whether you need to hire a recruiter without the hassle of headhunting fees, post jobs on niche job boards, or an AI software that can help you, source candidates, has you covered.

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By Alyssa Harmon