How to Find the Right Career for Your Unique Skills

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checkIt can be hard to find the right career for you, especially if you’re not sure what you want to do for a living. Searching for jobs and planning your career path can seem overwhelming, but you can find a great career if you carefully weigh your options and think about what kind of work inspires you. When trying to find the perfect career for your unique skills, talents and interests, there are several things to consider.


You can’t find the right career if you don’t know which career you might be suited for, and personality tests can help you figure this out. Your personality can affect how you work with others and what kind of work environment you are best suited for, and a personality test geared towards job seekers can help you determine which personality traits affect your career choices. There are several career aptitude tests available for free online that can match you with the perfect career for your unique personality traits.


When looking for the right career, you need to take into account the amount of education your chosen career requires. Some people love school and would happily spend many years getting an advance degree in order to enter a career that they love, but other people are not  interested in staying in school for longer than necessary. Part of finding the perfect career for you is choosing a career that requires an amount of schooling you are comfortable with.

Skills and Talents

Everyone has something they are good at or enjoy doing, and these unique skills and talents can help people find the right career. If you have always loved creating works of art, for example, you might consider choosing a career as a graphic artist. Sometimes, however, these decisions are not so clear cut, but you can find a career that lets you do what you love by visiting a career center and talking to a counselor about what you love to do. A career counselor can help you match your talents and skills with the perfect career for you.


It is also important to take into account your interests when you are looking for the perfect career. It’s often said that it doesn’t feel like working when you are doing something that you love, and you can find the perfect career for you if you follow your passions and interests. However, when considering your interests and how they intersect with your career path, you should make sure that you have true interests and not just a passing fancy for a certain field. You can only find the right career if your interests will last as long as your career.

By Marie Larsen