How to Leverage Short-Term Recruiting to Scale Your Business

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The COVID-19 pandemic not only wreaked havoc across the globe and created a health emergency, but also disrupted how candidates perceive employment opportunities today.What followed was “The Great Resignation.”

According to one recent finding published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as many as four million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021. Jobs data from other sources indicate that resignations have stayed abnormally high since then!

It is now more critical than ever for employers to think about ways their business can successfully get past this tidal wave of resignations.This is where flexible hiring options such as short-term recruiting come into the picture.

But what exactly is short-term recruiting, and how can business owners and hiring managers leverage this hiring process to its maximum potential? Read on to find out!

What Is Short-Term Recruiting?

If a business requires help with specific duties because of gaps caused by an extended absence of employees either on maternity leave, a prolonged sick leave, retirement, or the like, short-term recruiting is just the thing for you.

You can easily hire temporary employees with this particular hiring approach.

You can also hire these workers to meet the season’s demand, projects, services, and peak time on production.

Although more specialized skill sets are available, most employers and hiring managers use temporary staffing for administrative positions. They are usually agency hires and can be placed with an organization for as long as needed.

In most cases, temporary employees tend to cost less than full-time employees.

Therefore, temporary recruitment is an incredibly beneficial option for small and medium-sized businesses aiming to mitigate their time-to-hire and cost-per-hire and quickly scale. 

How Can Short-Term Recruiting Help Scale Your Business Quickly?

1. Increased Exposure to a Diverse Talent Pool

Bringing fresh talent into your company can often give birth to new viewpoints. This is just as relevant for short-term positions as it is for permanent employees, even more so in some instances.

Temporary workers and job seekers who have chosen to embrace this style of working are likely to have worked across many different companies. By working for several small and big enterprises, potentially across various industries and niches, these workers become highly diverse and bring a cross-fertilization of ideas to each business.

Therefore, employing a temporary employee in your company could steer innovation which may not have been obvious initially to those working with you every day.

2. Easy and Quick Discovery of Candidates with Strategic Skill Sets

If you’re considering bringing in a temporary worker, take the time to review the work coming up within your company or the department they will be catering to.

Are there any specific short-term projects that you’d want to be completed when you are looking to fill permanent positions? If so, you can look for short-term workers with the relevant experience and skills to handle these. That way, you can bring in additional expertise and skill sets you may not have already had in-house and fill open positions with ease.

Looking to bring in temporary skills to support a specific project is a great reason to hire on a short-term basis, whether you have a full contingent of staff or not.

3. Smoother Transition Periods

You can easily employ temporary hires to include handover time with the permanent employee they will be filling in for, both after and before the latter returns to the business. This makes the transition period a lot smoother for every person involved.

A setup like this can be instrumental when filling gaps in executive or senior-level positions.

Hiring a short-term interim leader to cover the period between an executive team member leaving the organization and a new candidate being appointed is a great way of keeping things running efficiently for your business.

The Benefits of Working with on Short-Term Hiring has more than six years of experience in providing recruiting and consulting services for businesses and also supporting them in formulating and implementing human resource plans.

Some of the advantages that come alongside leveraging our short-term recruitment services are:

  • We have an extensive database with candidate profiles ranging from beginner to advanced, spread across different industries and domains that you won’t even find on job boards.
  • We have highly experienced and result-driven professionals proficient in the recruitment process of various businesses, from production to eCommerce to software development.
  • We aim to provide the fastest time for service because we understand that employers looking for short-term recruiting usually have tight timelines and want to get through with the hiring process sooner.
  • We offer a reasonable cost. With the time to conduct hiring quickly, the deployment steps are also streamlined, more concise, helping to save costs and additional staff.

To know more about how short-term recruiting can help augment your hiring efforts and get the best talent, get in touch with us .

We can help you with your specific staffing needs.


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