How Your Personality May Affect Your Career [Infographic]

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PhotographerAccording to several semi-reliable online personality tests, I’m an INFP. And, according to a new infographic from Truity, this means I am:

  • likely to earn a fairly low salary for the rest of my life;
  • likely to be relatively unsatisfied with my job;
  • and relatively unlikely to ever be anyone’s supervisor.

Ouch, Truity. Ouch.

But in all seriousness, the trajectory of one’s career is really the result of a far more complex melange of factors, situations, and contacts. Still, it would seem that personality type does play a role in what we do with ourselves and where we go in our careers. After all, the aforementioned infographic is based on a study of 25,000+ people. So, there is some statistical weight to Truity’s predictions about my — and your — career destiny.

Check out the full infographic below — and here’s hoping you’re more of an extravert than I am. Those folks seem to have it pretty good.


By Matthew Kosinski