Four HR Cloud Software Vendors Team Up

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HR Cloud SoftwareWhen competitors get in the same room together, there are sometimes fistfights, sometimes a few awkward introductions.

However, in a new partnership, four industry leading HR software providers have teamed up to deliver a powerful, affordable and comprehensive, cloud-based HR Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution entitled, “HR in the Cloud.” Combining the cloud based technologies of myStaffingPro, BambooHR, CRG emPerform, and Strategia Ed, the platform aims to provide HR organizations with a complete end-to-end recruiting and talent management solution with the capabilities to attract, recruit, align, reward, train, and retain top talent.

Leveraging the strengths of each of their individual technologies, the four technology companies have created a unified HR cloud software solution that integrates applicant tracking, human resource information system (HRIS), performance management, and learning and compliance management. HR in the Cloud covers the entire employee life cycle – starting with myStaffingPro for applicant tracking and recruitment.

“HR in the Cloud joins myStaffingPro with the best-in-class HRIS, performance management, and learning and compliance management systems. The partnership joins four of the strongest solution specialists into a unified talent management suite,” said Bob Schulte, CEO, myStaffingPro. “HR in the Cloud is a talent management suite at its finest. Rather than merging and acquiring countless systems, HR in the Cloud connects four best-in-class specialist solutions. The result is a talent management super horse that still has a complete development and support team.”

After an employee is hired, data is transferred from myStaffingPro into BambooHR, the HRIS system. BambooHR has a number of functions for employee record-keeping and reporting, including features for managing and tracking employee history, benefits, time off and training.

“HR in the Cloud addresses HR needs throughout the employee life cycle,” said BambooHR CEO Ben Peterson. “Bamboo HR’s superior service, security, and flexibility is now enhanced through its relationship with myStaffingPro, emPerfom, and Strategia which shares these high standards.”

Following through with the next stages of the employee life cycle, emPerform’s employee performance management suite and Strategia’s learning and compliance management system align and develop employees as they grow and mature. emPerform features a number of performance management tools such as automated appraisals, succession planning, compensation management, goal alignment, and 360 multi-rater reviews. Strategia contributes their Ed Learning System for creating content as well as planning, tracking and managing an organization’s learning activities, compliance, competencies and certification programs.

HR software is increasingly moving into the cloud. However, as software moves into the cloud, partnerships like this one should become more frequent, as inter-operable transmission and data standards become the norm. Technology vendors have the opportunity to identify their core service offering and offer it as a cloud based service that can be intertwined with other technologies. Cloud HR software is still in its infancy, but partnerships such as the “HR in the Cloud” should rapidly develop the scope of delivery for complex enterprise technology.

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