Launches Mobile App for Continuous Individual Improvement

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Loading launches mobile improvement, the largest social network for HR professionals, has released a personal excellence app that uses personalized content, coaching, and daily lessons to encourage employees to become more focused on their wellbeing. The app focuses on seven areas including physical wellbeing, service, financial, professional, mental stimulation, character, and social in addition to five learning modalities including articles, quotes, videos, and surveys. The program recommends employees work on their wellbeing for three to five minutes per day. The app enables the incorporation of a company’s own content, messaging, branding, and employee communications to reinforce existing messaging and leadership development programs.

“Leadership and personal development is a continual process that everyone needs to work on each and every day. This app is ideal for reinforcing materials learned during courses, conferences and educational programs”, says Debbie McGrath, CEO at

Resellers and affinity partners of the Personal Excellence App will be able to use the mobile platform to:

• Drive improvement and measurement of behaviors traits.

• Boost incremental revenue for products and services.

• Embed IP/content and value-add to drive additional value.

• Help clients drive performance by reinforcing key values and actions.

• Improve communication and collaboration.

• Receive real-time feedback and proactively identify problems.


By Joshua Bjerke