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checkBecause Human Resources encompasses so many rapidly changing fields (employment law, technology, workforce trends, recruiting, benefits, etc…), it can be difficult to keep up with the profession. However, HR professionals that take an active interest in staying on top of the latest developments and trends can enjoy a very strong career path.

HR newsletters and publications are abundant. In fact, it’s hard to choose the ones that are worth your valuable time. Because you can’t read everything that’s out there in the world of Human Resources, you need to pick wisely. It’s usually best to subscribe to a major HR newsletter or two, and then select a couple in your specific area of interest, whether it be employment law, recruiting and staffing, employee engagement, or another niche area.

Besides these major HR publications, be sure to keep up with HR blogs and other resources that will give you contrasting voices and opinions. A good list of the top HR blogs can be found on Evan Carmichael’s site. This list offers mostly individual contributor blogs from HR practitioners, which can often be refreshing and on the cutting edge.

Ten Major HR Newsletters:

  1. SHRM is the leading member organization for Human Resource professionals. They publish HR Week along with many specialized publications.
  2. is a leading commercial portal for Human Resources. They regularly publish articles on everything from employment law and benefits to assessment, interviewing, and recruiting. They also feature HR webinars and virtual conferences.
  3. SmartBrief is a major newsletter provider for many diverse industries. They focus on particular segments of business that include topics of interest to HR professionals. Their publications include workforce, executive leadership, and career topics that are highly relevant to HR.
  4. Human Resource Executive and their online site offer a very well-established and cutting edge approach to HR. They have exceptional editorial coverage of HR technology in particular.
  5. Human Resources IQ, a division of IQPC, regularly features practical HR advice and discussion of trends from HR practitioners.
  6. HR TradeWinds is a newer publication from featuring news on employee benefits, training development, talent management, and HR technology.
  7. HR Examiner is a publication headed up by John Sumser which features current HR trends and developments, with an emphasis on highlighting thought leadership, social media, and talented individuals in the space.
  8. offers email articles for HR professionals that focus on compliance and regulatory issues.
  9. HRM Today, a resource from the Institute for Corporate Productivity, is a widely read publication that focuses on human capital management, talent management strategy, and workforce issues.
  10. HR Communicator offers daily news and topics with an emphasis on workplace development and talent management. It additionally serves as an aggregation site for HR news.

From changing laws, regulations, and compliance issues to rapidly evolving HR technology systems, HR practitioners have a lot to keep up with. Subscribing to a few quality HR newsletters is a good way to keep up with your profession and get that proverbial seat at the table everyone is always talking about.

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