HR Software Provider OCI Sees Increased Demand for Leave Management

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newsOptions & Choices, Inc (OCI) – a provider of data integration and software services that focus on HR, employee benefits, risk management, and IT programs – recently announced their growing client base for their LeaveXpert platform. Launched in 2010, LeaveXpert delivers a total leave and absence management solution for Human Resources departments.

“Over the past several years, OCI customers and other employers have asked us to help them improve their management of absence via our robust data management and business intelligence services and solutions,” says Archie Anderson, OCI President. “This expanding and critical need created the opportunity to work with our customers to develop the LeaveXpert product. We recognized the need for an end-to-end absence and leave management solution in the human resources area, we leveraged our expertise and invested in this market opportunity.”

The LeaveXpert solution integrates multiple channels of HR, claims, and leave data into a single web-based platform. The popularity of the solution stems from its comprehensive data collection functionality and easy-to-use interface. Employers see increased efficiencies with streamlined workflows, improved legal compliance, and advanced metrics gathering tools.

“While several offerings exist to track leave requests, very few offer the data expertise and reporting capabilities on which OCI’s core business and competencies are built upon,” said Anderson. “Our many years of experience in providing data management and specialized reporting solutions allowed us to create a tool to manage the regulatory leaves but also provide employers with the information they need to improve their absence programs and results.”

New customers in the HR and employee benefits industry are drawn to these advanced analytics capabilities. Users can assess the costs of absence, manage high-priority information, and tighten compliance – whether it be company policy, FMLA, or state and legal considerations. LeaveXpert also keeps track of the different types of absenteeism so employers can identify changes in FMLA, disability, workers compensation, intermittent leave as well as other sources of absenteeism.

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