Immigration Mobile App Now Available Through LawLogix

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NewsA new mobile application for the iPhone and Droid from LawLogix Group, Inc. makes accessing and processing Immigration case information faster and easier. LawLogix Group leads the way in I-9 Compliance, E-Verify, and Immigration Case Management Software and is providing this application free for those who use the EDGE (law firm) and GlobeTrotter (enterprise) case management solutions.

The Immigration Mobile App, once downloaded, allows users to access case notes securely, as well as appointments, meetings, integrated forms reminders, reporting tools, and a client’s contact information.

Joshua Cisneroz, Vice President of Customer Experience at LawLogix, states, “Attorneys and immigration case managers spend incredible amounts of time in the office, but inevitably, they will need to visit clients, engage in marketing activities, or maybe even spend some time at home. Our new mobile application provides always-on and always-available secure access to crucial case data.”

The use of the application allows users to reduce the amount of time managing immigration cases. Currently, there are 136,000 users and 3.5 million foreign nationals that use LawLogix to enhance communication between attorneys, foreign national clients, and paralegals. Additional key features include online intake questionnaires and worksheets, smart immigration forms, instant status updates to foreign nationals and employees, client location mapping, and automatic visa priority tracking.

To learn more about LawLogix and the mobile application, please visit the website

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