Infographic Says Career Specific Training Gives Job Seekers Advantage

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CSINow-Infographic section As many recent grads continue to search for jobs in today’s employment market, more and more college students are beginning to ask, “Is a degree even worth it?”

Chicago-based Computer Systems Institute has created an infographic, “Hire Education: 4 Reasons Your Career Specific Training Makes you the Best Hire,” that offers some data on why opting for vocational career training just may be the better route for landing a job post-graduation.

Reason #1: More skills than the average graduate

  • 9 in 10 employees say colleges aren’t fully preparing grads for the workforce
  • 7 in 10 employers would hire someone without a bachelor’s degree as long as the candidate was a good fit or had great credentials
  • 91 percent of managers say I.T. certifications are a good way to judge a candidate’s value

Reason #2: Require less on-the job training

  • Because grads from vocational schools already have job-specific training, they’ll cost the company less money
  • 51 percent of jobs today have specific technical requirements
  • 60 percent of companies expect even more technical requirements 3-5 years from now

Reason #3: Have career-specific experience

  • 63 percent of employers say recent graduates  need to “research the industry more thoroughly “ to improve their candidacy
  • Most employers value experience over academics
  • In the science/technology field, 50 percent of employers value experience while just 19 percent value academics

Reason #4: Equipped to advance

  • 67 percent of I.T. professionals say that job-specific training has helped them get a raise/promotion
  • 27 percent of people with licenses or certifications earn more than those with bachelor’s degrees
  • Men who have computer/information technology certificates can earn 72 percent more than those with associate degrees


By Shala Marks