Interaction Associates Helps HR Promote Leadership Development

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NewsInteraction Associates, a company dedicated to developing leaders in companies around the world is helping ShoreTel, Inc. develop excellent leadership with its innovative leadership program entitled, “Leaders Developing Leaders.” Interaction Associates brings has 40 years’ experience and helps companies excel in ROI-Return on Involvement. ShoreTel is leading the way with Unified Communication (UC) solutions utilizing its well-known IP business phone system.

Director of Human Resources at ShoreTel, Carolyn Gracey states, “We believe strong leadership is a competitive advantage –and we see the “Leaders Developing Leaders” program as an important component in our strategy to attract, involve, and retain the best people in the industry.”

The leadership program includes simulations for managers to engage with in an effort to teach them to think strategically and grow in leaderships skills. Other areas of focus are self-awareness and team leadership. CEO of Interaction Associates, Linda Stewart, added, “Leadership development for us is about developing leaders in programs that are both challenging and practical. ’Leaders Developing Leaders’ achieves that balance to give ShoreTel leaders grounded and actionable insights and skills. We are thrilled to collaborate with ShoreTel to help such an innovative company further innovate leadership solutions for strong business results.”

Interaction Associates encourages employees to go beyond simple engagement and to feel a sense of responsibility for the results of the business. They employ leadership skills through coaching and consulting. For more information, visit

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