Job Interviews – Don’t Ruin your Chances of Success!

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handshakeSo, you’ve been searching for the perfect job for a while and you’ve finally found the one that you really want. You apply and get an interview and you feel that everything’s going as well as it can and that things are finally looking up. However, you’d be surprised at the number of people who get to this stage and then do or say something before, during or after their interview that completely ruins their chances of getting the job.

Therefore, it is important to take note of what NOT to do or say in an interview, more details of which are provided in the infographic. Even though some things may appear to be too obvious or unbelievable, be assured that more people than you think are guilty of doing these things and showcasing these kinds of behaviours.

You must remember to always approach interviews with respect and the professionalism that they deserve, no matter what kind of job you are being interviewed for, or risk being rejected time and time again.

Firstly, therefore, take your time getting ready. Make sure that you are clean, neat and smelling nice and that your clothing is ironed and suitable for the interview occasion. For instance, women must make sure that dresses or skirts are below the knee and that heels don’t exceed more than three inches.

Men should wear matching trousers and jacket with an ironed shirt, tie and polished shoes. All should remember to keep jewellery and fragrances to a minimum in order to ensure that the most professional impression is put across.

Always make sure that you think everything through before saying it. You most definitely do not want to put your foot in it and say something that you’ll later regret or that gives off the wrong impression. For example, mentioning a fight or argument that you had with an ex-colleague is a definite no-no. Think about how your answers suit the questions you’re being asked and how you can show that you meet the requirements for the specific job role.

You should also put some time into thinking up interesting questions to ask your interviewers, instead of generic ones that everyone is likely to ask. This will not only impress your interviewers and show that you can think outside the box but will also show that you have thoroughly prepared for the interview.

Interviewers are interested in seeing how suited you are to the job; therefore keep your personal life out of the interview, unless specifically asked about it. Even then, keep your answers clear and informative but relatively brief; otherwise you may find yourself falling into the trap of oversharing.

In terms of your personal life, make sure you leave all baggage at home and this means forgetting about children, pets or partners for the time that you’re in the interview and most definitely means not bringing any of the aforementioned with you. Whether you leave them outside or not, this will be seen as poor planning and extremely unprofessional.

If you use your common sense and put a lot of time into preparing for each and every interview that you attend, there is no reason that your interview will not go well. Steer clear of making any of the errors shown in the infographic and you’ll be well on your way to securing your perfect job.

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By Nik