Manpower Acquires Recruitment Company in China

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newsManpowerGroup has a long history in China.  The company began to work in China in 1964, seventeen years ago.  In 2007, it became the first foreign multinational corporation to obtain a temporary staffing business license in China.  It is once again expanding its scope, this time in the Guangdong Province.

Manpower has acquired REACH HR, a human resources provider in Guangdong Province and employer of more than 100,000 associates.  The group focuses on manufacturing, including the manufacturing of electrical appliances.

“By expanding ManpowerGroup’s presence across China’s new and traditional manufacturing hubs, we will be able to provide critical development and recruitment solutions that address a range of issues affecting China’s overall growth prospects in the manufacturing sector,” said Darryl Green, ManpowerGroup President of Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Which of the issues will ManpowerGroup address?  Perhaps, they will focus on issues that affect the quality of life of workers.  Maybe they will work hard to ensure that workers have safe working conditions as they manufacture goods for the world.  Or maybe they will set a high standard for the company’s impact on the environment.

In the United States, manufacturers often risk their necks to create their products.  Hopefully, Manpower will be able to share some of the safety advances and learn some new ones from Chinese workers.

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