Maritz and Walkingspree Combine Efforts to Create Innovative Corporate Wellness Programs

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NewsCombining efforts to promote healthy living initiatives to the workplace, Maritz Motivation Solutions and Walkingspree are teaming up to develop online programs for corporate wellness. Maritz Motivation Solutions is a company specializing in reward and recognition services, merchandise, and experiential sales incentives. Walkingspree is a company dedicated to corporate wellness and utilizes the Internet for online wellness programs.

Hiran Perera, CEO of Walkingspree, states, “We chose Maritz as our recommended reward partner as they offer a continuum of services and meaningful rewards that can be customized for the needs of any corporate client. Walkingspree’s ability to customize the wellness program for our clients and Maritz’s ability to offer a variety of reward options gives corporate clients the flexibility they need to keep their wellness/reward program fresh and exciting year after year. We love their approach using neuroscience principles to encourage healthy behavior among participants.”

Key features include the ability to choose from over 3,000+ reward items in an online catalogue, take advantage of a health savings account (HAS) as an incentive, utilize a health risk assessment, biometric screening, and incentives to stop smoking.

Research has found that wellness programs that tap into people’s innate motivational drives, such as the need to acquire, bond, create, and defend, will be more engaged with a wellness program and lead healthier lives. The programs by Maritz and Walkingspree indeed focus on these elements.

Amy Kramer, Maritz Motivation Solution’s Solution Strategist, adds, “At Maritz, we believe that to encourage healthy behaviors you must inspire, enable, and motivate people via a fully-integrated wellness solution. It’s truly a whole person approach to positive behavior change.”

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