Monthly Inspire Resource Gives Tips For Leadership Development In The Workplace

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Orange FolderRealTime Performance, a company dedicated to providing online training products to leaders of businesses, has made available a free monthly tip sheet that provides professionals with key insights to develop leadership  in the workplace. The content comes from their online leadership development tool, Inspire, and this month’s installment focuses on “Helping Leaders Coach Talent in the Workplace”.

The 10×10 tip sheet comes with tips and resources for helping employees in the workplace to get to their next level of leadership within a company. Tips range from advice on career development plans to the importance of providing ongoing feedback between employer and employee. Every tip sheet available comes with ten tips for activities to promote leadership skills and shares relevant resources available for further study.

Sean Murray, RealTime Performance’s chief executive officer, had this to say about coaching: “As the Baby Boomers prepare for retirement, it is more important than ever for managers to actively coach and develop the next generation of leaders. Companies are investing in this generational turn-over to ensure that up-and-coming leaders have the right mixture of knowledge, skill and experience to wisely lead the organization into the future.”

RealTime Performance is dedicated to motivating and equipping employees to be leaders that take initiative to grow as professionals. Their resources help employees to develop leadership development goals. To learn more about RealTime Performance and download Inspire’s monthly 10×10, visit

By Rachel Lorinda