Mutual Force Launches Forum for Employers and Ex-Employees

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NewsWhen an employee leaves a position, whether it is retiring, quitting, or getting laid off, it costs a company money. Hiring costs, training, and a decrease in productivity can range from 50-250% of employee annual compensation. With the economy still lagging, many are being forced to retire or are getting laid off. This can cause lost productivity and revenue, as they take subject and job position expertise with them. It can also be difficult for ex-employees to find new jobs in the workplace.

Mutual Force has created a solution to this problem by launching a web consultation platform between employers and ex-employees that helps employers retain the knowledge of ex-employees by offering an online knowledge transfer medium between the two. With the exchange of information, new employees can be trained faster, decreasing productivity loss. At the same time, ex-employees who are in between jobs can earn money using Mutual Force.

Mahesh Varvooru, founder of Mutual Force, states, “When my wife left her job, her previous employer was calling her for few months with a lot of questions about the process and product she worked on. I thought, why not provide a way for ex-employees and employers to communicate and make it a win-win for both parties.”

Knowledge can be shared in an easy Q & A format, in which employees can type in a question on and ex-employees can share answers. Online mentoring is also possible using this platform and there are Universities who are using the tool for communication between alumni and current students.

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