Networking, Not Internet, Lands More Jobs

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newsJob search has always been a dynamic and unpredictable field. The latest competitive technologies and resources might help you find a job today, but tomorrow – you’re two steps behind. That’s why it’s somewhat refreshing to hear that good old-fashioned “making connections” is  still the number one resource for landing a job – at least in the Northeast:

A new study by Right Management looked at 6,000 individuals placed over the course of 3 years. Their findings confirmed that person-to-person networking was the most effective placement tool available. The study found that nearly45% of the firm’s placements were a result of traditional networking.  Coming in second place, Internet job boards accounted for 19% of all new hires.

“The job search is changing, and some methods are losing ground to others, but classic, systematic networking continues to be most effective way to find suitable employment,” said Peter Russell, Career Management Practice Leader for Right Management. “Of course, technology is playing a growing role, but online social networking may not always be separate from traditional networking since one so often leads to the other. A job seeker may use the Internet to track down former associates or acquaintances and then reach out to them in person. Just like the cold call, the Internet is a way to make an initial contact with a prospective employer.”

Right Management, a division of ManpowerGroup, is  aimed at providing workforce solutions in an ever changing business environment. More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies work with Right Management to assist in talent growth, reduce costs and accelerate employee performance.

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