New Job Search Site Aims to Connect Smart People with Smart Jobs

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Newly founded jobs site presents another way to connect interested people with open positions. As a new web portal for job searches, offers free job search features for job hunters and low-cost job postings for employers of any size. The idea is to fill positions with qualified candidates that companies report to be hard to find; even while skilled applicants complain that finding appealing jobs is more difficult than ever.

Job-hunters who join the site have free access to a search engine that retrieves jobs based on keyword, title, company name, or job location, and users can apply for an unlimited number of positions. Additionally, employers can quickly posting new job listing using one of several posting plans. For added effectiveness, the site features integrated social widgets to better improve exposure for businesses of any size.

Rao G K, founder of said, “We devote a lot of time to our careers, so it’s incredibly important to find a job that suits your needs, interests and skills. was designed to connect skilled job seekers with top job openings and make the recruitment and job search process that much easier,” he continues, “At, we hope to contribute to the declining unemployment rate and connect more and more smart people with more and more smart jobs through the United States.”

By Rachel Lorinda