New Website Hosts List of Top 20 Executive Search Firms

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ring of people A new website was recently created by industry experts and executive recruiters to provide businesses with leading information about finding candidates to fill executive positions.

The new site consists of a listing of the top 20 executive search firms in the country. In addition to the listed sources, the site gives details on each firm, such as company website, location, and corporate profile, which includes information regarding areas of specialization and a list of clients for each company.

Visitors may also interact with the site through voting for the firms they like best, which is helpful to other businesses as they seek to find the most trustworthy firms. Two of the top five companies listed on the site include the no. one ranked Boyden and fifth ranked N2Growth. Boyden is an executive search firm on an international scale while N2Growth has a portfolio of clients that includes ATT, Dell, Bank of America, and McGraw-Hill.

The site hopes to become a resource for companies undertaking the large task of hiring executives by providing a list of trustworthy firms. was built in response to the rising increase in companies choosing to use executive recruiters in their executive searches and succession planning for top corporate officers, even up to CEO. It seeks to serve the growing number of firms unable to fulfill their executive recruitment needs from within.

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