On the Front Lines: With the Recruiter Index® Survey, Recruiters Weigh In on How COVID-19 Is Changing the Talent Market

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The global spread of COVID-19 is unlike anything the world has seen in more than a century. As countries around the world take steps to flatten the curve, people have seen their ways of life dramatically change almost overnight.

From how we get our groceries to what we do in our free time, everything is different now — and the job market is no exception. In fact, between the shift to remote work, the government-mandated closures of nonessential businesses, and the new realities of conducting business in a society of social distancing, the world of work has been fundamentally transformed.

But what is the extent of that transformation, and what kind of reverberating effects can we expect COVID-19 to have on the economy? When it comes to matters of the talent market, no one is more qualified to answer those questions than the recruiters, HR professionals, and talent acquisition leaders who are working on the front lines of the COVID-19-era job market.

That’s why Recruiter.com launched the Recruiter Index® survey, an ongoing poll asking recruiting and hiring professionals for their insights into the job market today — and their predictions for the job market of tomorrow.

Check out the infographic below for a summary of the findings so far:

Recruiter Index

By Matthew Kosinski