Overwhelmed? 16 Tips to Steady Yourself in Uncertain Times

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It’s easy to feel stressed at work in the best of times. Now that we’re all balancing our workplace obligations with the precautions we must take to keep ourselves and our communities safe in the face of a pandemic, many of us are likely feeling more overwhelmed than ever before.

Stress is dangerous — not just in terms of productivity, although it can certainly hinder your work. Stress also wreaks havoc on our physical and mental health. Perhaps most insidiously, stress often snowballs: When you start to feel overwhelmed, your reduced productivity and compromised health can cause you to fall behind on work, which further boosts your stress, which further slashes your productivity and harms your health, which causes you to fall even further behind. It’s a vicious cycle.

While these may be especially trying times, there are steps you can take to start pushing back against feelings of being overwhelmed. In a new infographic, NetCredit  catalogues advice on how to halt stress in its tracks, as well as some strategies for preventing yourself from feeling overwhelmed in the future. Check it out below:


By Matthew Kosinski