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Stress management is a very important part of overall well-being and in the modern workplace, a key to long term professional success. Proactive employers look to reduce and manage workplace stress and mitigate aggravating factors through policy and employee benefits.

Stress management is the effort put forth by organizations or individuals to decrease the effects of work pressure. Stress cannot be avoided altogether; in fact, a little bit of stress spurs productivity and innovation. But it must be kept at a reasonable level lest it cause harm to employees and the organization.
Managers are responsible for not overworking or stressing out their employees; they should model good coping skills for their employees. Human resources departments are responsible for making stress management resources available and raising organizational awareness of them. Executives should review current practices to see that they are not causing undue stress on employees and make changes where necessary. They should also advocate making resources on how to handle stress available.

Employees who are stress-free are more productive, have a better view of the organization, and are more likely to stay with the organization. Lowered stress leads to fewer accidents, lower healthcare costs, and higher morale. Organizations should seek the welfare of all, and that includes helping employees to cope with stress.

The first step in helping employees cope is to find out what is causing the most stress and what an employee's idea of a stress-free environment would be. If employees are not comfortable talking to a manager, the manager should make arrangements for the employee to speak to someone else. Managers can decrease stress by setting clear expectations, helping employees prioritize, being available to listen to employee concerns, and not tolerating any workplace bullying or harassing. Organizations should encourage stress relief by providing a safe and pleasant workplace, a relaxing break room in which to eat, a nutritious selection of food at the cafeteria, access to a gym, and resources to reduce stress for employees.
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