Patriot PAY Offers Free Set-Up Package for New Payroll Customers

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NewsFor small business owners needing access to online payroll at any time, Patriot Software is providing Patriot PAY, an online payroll software package designed to simplify employee payroll management. With a free set-up package for a limited time, new customers can utilize the software at an affordable monthly price beginning at $10 per month.

Customer support representatives are on hand to assist customers through the payroll sign-up, as well as set up the account, company, payroll, and tax settings. The software will also handle deductions, contributions, employees’ year-to-date payroll, and reconcile year-to-date information.

“I am so excited to be able to offer a free set-up at year-end. It’s the busiest time for small business owners,” said Wendy Smith, payroll manager for Patriot Software. “Our top priority is always to help small businesses, so this is the perfect time for us to offer this package.”

A free month of Patriot PAY is available to new customers, with the option to customize the software to match business needs. Accurate payroll tax calculations, along with a simple payroll process will benefit customers anytime or anywhere.

The process for signing up requires customers to fill in the form for the package and then they will be contacted by Patriot Customer Support letting them know what information they need for set-up. Once the information is submitted, the free set-up will begin.

For more information, please contact Patriot Software at (877) 968-7147, or visit the website at:

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